Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our software enables you to do three things:

  • Summarize contract terms quickly and easily on one screen
  • Store the summaries and any relevant attachments in a searchable database
  • Share everything with others in your company or organization

A: Confident Contracts is purpose-built for contracts. Templates for many types of agreements make summarizing them faster and more efficient than using a spreadsheet or generic database. We minimize typing and repetitive data entry tasks by enabling you to set up your own categories, counterparties, products and other information ahead of time, so you can easily enter and re-use data on multiple contracts.

A: Absolutely. Your data is stored in a PCI-compliant, secure, enterprise-grade database with ongoing backups. All information you enter in Confident Contracts is treated as confidential. We don’t share or disclose your data to anyone. Each client specifies who can access their data and how – it’s completely in your control. With your consent, we can review your data in order to render support, for example to answer a question or solve a problem.

A: Summarizing agreements in Confident Contracts helps you understand them better, and that can reduce your legal costs in several ways:

  • Spend less money consulting attorneys to explain contract terms, compare one contract to another, or answer routine questions about your agreements
  • Avoid paying legal pros to train your staff in the “Dos and Don’ts” of your agreements
  • Reduce the risk of misunderstanding and violating agreement terms by viewing them in clear, simple language in our Confident Summary
  • Reduce the time and expense required for contract drafting by using Confident Contracts to build an agreement to your specifications

A: Agreement terms must be reviewed and entered into Confident Contracts by experienced users who understand the contracts and the templates we provide. We can help you with this task in three ways:

  • Provide you with training on the Confident Summary templates and guidance about how to summarize agreements terms in Confident Contracts so you and your staff can do the work directly
  • Connect you with a legal services staff who are already trained to enter agreements into Confident Contracts. This is a referral, you would work directly with the selected provider
  • Connect you with solution providers that use software to read your contracts and extract the relevant terms into a compatible format for entry into Confident Contracts

A: The best way is to add people from your company or organization to your account. Users that you add can log into Confident Contracts, find an agreements on the Dashboard, and see its Confident Summary. You can also create user accounts for “editors” who can add or modify contracts in your database. Confident Summaries can also be printed and saved as PDF files.

A: Our pricing page is here. We charge based on the number of contracts, not by the number of users.