The Confident Contracts Mission:


How We Achieve Our Mission

We devised a new method of summarizing contract terms and conditions in a standardized, simplified format. We call this Confident Summary™. These summaries are stored in a database: Confident Contracts™.

Who Can Benefit from Confident Contracts

Any business with more than a handful of agreements can manage them efficiently with Confident Contracts.

Confident Contracts is ideally suited for businesses that need to minimize contract-related costs. Whether buying, selling, leasing or licensing, Confident Contracts helps everyone summarize, find and review agreements, without having to read lengthy, original contracts.

Who is Behind Confident Contracts

Confident Contracts was created by Ari M. Weinstein, owner of AriW Solutions LLC. Ari has worked directly with contracts for over 16 years. In his long career he dealt with every aspect of numerous agreements that he managed for a global Fortune 1000 company; From writing and negotiating agreements, to training others in contractual terms. Prior to working with contracts, Ari was a database developer, system administrator, and software engineer. He started writing code in high school and published a number of shareware and freeware products during the pre-Y2K era.

After starting AriW Solutions in 2016 and researching services that his new company could offer, Ari decided to combine his contract experience development skills. He built a database for summarizing and storing agreement terms – and decided to make it his company’s new service. Thus Confident Contracts was born.