Your Agreements, Clearly Summarized

in a few short clicks.



Reduce Your Contract Risks


Confident Contracts displays everything you need to know to comply with license terms

  • View dates and notification periods, so you don’t miss a renewal or cancellation
  • See exactly who’s covered by an agreement, so you don’t incur extra licensing costs
  • Review key usage terms, so you can adhere to data storage and distribution requirements
  • Display detailed terms and notes, so you can precisely meet contractual obligations
  • Attach copies of contracts and related documents, so you can review all original terms

How It Works

No matter how you manage contracts today, Confident Contracts helps

Already have a contract management system? Perfect.

Confident Contracts complements any CMS and displays a link to the original documents stored there. Save money by providing employees and other stakeholders with access to Confident Contracts instead of purchasing more CMS licenses.

Don't have a contract management system? Perfect.

Confident Contracts stores unlimited documents securely, and displays all key agreement parameters, including expiration dates, notice periods and more. Let Confident Contracts manage your agreements at a fraction of the cost of a big CMS solution.